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The party was great fun. Music, dancing and an open bar made the perfect combination for a good time. The bartender wanted to call some alternative transportation for you, but you were positive you were fine to drive, and off you went. Then you saw them: those flashing lights behind you, and the nightmare began. You wondered if you were speeding, because you felt sober, until the breathalyzer read .10, which is over the legal limit for drunk driving in California. Not feeling drunk doesn’t make it, anymore; it’s all about the number, and you have just exceeded the limit.

This is your first DUI and you’re terrified. The officer is doing his paperwork. You feel like trying to talk yourself out of it. DON’T. Do not submit to the field sobriety test or the breath analyzer test. Politely tell the officer that you will submit to a blood test at the station but no testing nor discussion of what you did or drank that night on sidewalk.

Every word or action you display on the side of the street will be used to build a stronger case against you. Officer, I will submit to a blood test at the station and will not talk to you until I speak to my attorney.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, there are some things you should know. The first thing you must do the morning after your arrest, or as soon as possible, is to notify the DMV. You have 10 days to let them know in order to prevent your license from being suspended for 120, 180 or as long as 356 days.

If this is your first DUI, you know you are guilty, and no one was hurt, chances are you may not need an attorney, as the costs involved in the guilty plea process will most likely be less than the attorney fees. If you wish to fight it, however, and enter a not-guilty plea, then you must have an attorney to help you defend your case, but not just a general practice attorney. You need an experienced DUI attorney. Although a regular lawyer would certainly be well-versed in California law, he or she may not be savvy in the nuances of criminal defense for DUI cases. That’s where Ray Dinari, a criminal defense attorney in Fullerton, California, comes in.

Ray Dinari has 26 years of experience in DUI offenses and has worked thousands of cases in Orange County and the surrounding areas. His goal is to help you get the charges dropped or to attain the lowest form of punishment possible. If this is your first offense with aggravating circumstances, your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th offense (a felony), or if it is a DUI with injury or death, you must have an experienced, aggressive, meticulous DUI attorney in your corner. Ray Dinari a Criminal Defense attorney is all of that and more. He offers a free face-to-face consultation and truly cares about your case. He will assess your situation and formulate the best approach to your defense. He will guide you through the DMV (APS Hearing), and criminal proceedings.

Getting a DUI can be serious and the remedy complex. It can affect your driver’s license, your car insurance, and your job/professional license. Depending on the severity of the offense, penalties could include: a fine, probation, mandatory attendance at rehabilitation programs, revocation of your license, car internment, mandatory driving classes, installment of an ignition interlocking device on your car, or jail time. You can’t take any chances hiring someone who doesn’t have an extensive background and experience in DUI cases, who doesn’t know the best strategies, and who won’t achieve the very best result possible for you. Time is of the essence. Call Ray Dinari, your DUI attorney in Fullerton, California, before you go to your hearing.