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Other Crimes

Juvenile Court Hearings , Probation Violation, Traffic Violation, and Expungement of Prior Convictions 

In California, minors (17 years of age or younger) accused of violation of a Penal Code or a Health and Safety Code are prosecuted in the Juvenile Hearings, presided by a Judge only (no Jury), as in the Probation Violations, Traffic Violations, and Expungements.

The Juvenile Court system is very different from the adult criminal courts.  It has unique sets of rules and procedures.  The purpose of the Juvenile Court is not to punish but rather to rehabilitate.  It is designed to determine the most appropriate way to hold youngsters accountable for any transgressions and prevent any future violations.  Like adult court, juveniles who commit crimes can and may be charged with misdemeanors or felonies.  Depending upon the nature of the alleged crime, the minor’s prior criminal history, age, etc.  A minor convicted of a crime may face anything from probation (for less serious offenses) to imprisonment in a state institution like the California Youth Authority, and even being tried as an adult.

However, unlike adult court , when a minor is booked in juvenile hall, bail is not issued.  Rather on the minor’s first court date, called a detention hearing , a referee or judge will have input from the juvenile probation department, as well as from the juvenile deputy district and juvenile defense attorney, on whether or not to detain the minor pending adjudication.   Adjudication is when a juvenile judge sets the case for trial, and unlike an adult court, your child is not entitled to a jury trial.

Decisions you make for you and your child can literally change your child’s life as a result.  Protect yourself and your child by allowing the Law office of Ray Dinari to represent your best interests and deliver results.

Probation Violations in the state of California

Probation Violations in the State of California can be base on any violation of the terms  and conditions of your probation order.  Often times, law abiding citizens face probation violations for problems such as failure to pay fines or complete programs.  Health problems, transportation issues, and work commitments can trigger scheduling issues that make complying with a court order impractical or even impossible and judges may or may not be understanding.

Every probationary sentence includes either jail or prison time hanging over you.  If you comply with probation, you probably won’t have to do any time, but if you are found in violation, all or part of the sentence hanging over you can be imposed at the discretion of the sentencing judge.  Misdemeanor probation violations in and of themselves often carry 30-90 days of jail time, hardly a trivial consequence.  Felony probation violations usually carry , 90 days for the first offense, 180 days for the second and 16 months for the third offense.


If you are in violation for any reason protect yourself with the best attorney,  Ray Dinari.  He is someone who can keep you OUT OF JAIL!

Traffic Violations in Orange County

Any Traffic Violations in Orange County, full service from Arraignment to Trial.  You would never have to go to court.  Dinari and Associates will handle the entire traffic violation defense process for you from state to finish , arraignment to trial one flat rate fee of $499.00.  You do not need to appear at any step in the process or you may choose to appear , it’s 100% up to you.  You do not need to testify, or you may if you wish.  With Dinari and Associates working on your  behalf, citations are often dismissed by or before trial date.  Often times,  the fees charged are less than fines and penalty assessments imposed by the court ,  even before you calculate inevitable increase in your insurance premiums and deductibles.

The cost of a single traffic point , fines, fees , insurance premiums, and the time wasted in court is nearly always far more than the cost of winning in court with an attorney.  For those who drive professionally, the consequences can be even greater.

Expungement of Prior Convictions in the State of California 

Expungement of prior conviction in the State of California.  Whether you were convicted of a juvenile crime , a misdemeanor or felony, your criminal record will have adverse effects on your future.  A past crime can prevent individuals from qualifying for employment , and may be used against you if you ever come in to contact with law enforcement in the future.