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Local Fullerton Lawyer Ray Dinari will view your case as his own.

Fullerton Lawyer Ray Dinari will provide aggressive representation, while providing very-cost effective solutions for your situation. We never want is to set our client’s backward by charging over-excessive attorney fee’s and costs.  At Dinari Law we only care about getting the best resolution to your troubles and will fight by your side until the end.

Fullerton Lawyer Ray Dinari provides direct personal attorney-client representation, while matching your financial needs. Dinari Law is a law firm dedicated and focused in offering high-quality legal work.  Ray Dinari is at the forefront of ever-changing laws and works closely with our clients in dedicated teams that are fully committed to exceeding client expectations.

If you have been arrested in Fullerton, get in touch with a Local Criminal Defense Lawyer.  Dinari Law will offer a free consultation and discuss the facts of your case, and your possible defenses. Ray Dinari will identify the many possibilities to minimize or remove all charges against you. A local Fullerton Lawyer is your best and smartest move to avoid severe punishment. Ray Dinari is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will assertively fight for your rights. Contact Dinari Law  for free consultation about your best defense strategy (714) 878-0448.

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Ray Dinari, Call 24/7 to discuss your best defense strategy (714) 878-0448

I spent a lot of time looking for a Fullerton Lawyer before I went with Ray Dinari.

I am glad I did, found Ray to be very professional and he did exactly as he promised. Mr Dinari was fantastic and he even emailed me at 8 pm one night to make sure I had all the info ready for Court the following day. Every time I called Ray answered the phone.

Fullerton Lawyer Ray Dinari managed to get a felony charge against me dismissed with the payment of a small fine.  From start to finish is less than 2 months. He is obviously well connected and knows his way around the Fullerton court system. I genuinely recommend Dinari Law as a top service Law firm if you need professional thorough representation. I thought their pricing was quite fair and he really worked out a great payment plan I could afford.