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Finding the right local Fullerton DUI defense lawyer to represent you in court is important to the stability of your case. A DUI charge can impact your family, your job and your future and finding the right Fullerton DUI defense lawyer can mean the difference between incarceration or freedom.



Fullerton DUI defense lawyer Ray Dinari is the reason that I have my freedom today, and he deserves every star rating I leave.
Ray is at his very essence a person who really cares about the well-being of the client. He is a straightforward, charismatic guy who inspires your confidence and he gets results. I sought him out after another lawyer mishandled my case initially, and my only regret is that I didn’t find Dinari Law from the very beginning.
I was 100% confident in his professionalism and depth of knowledge in the handling of my case. The Law Office of Ray Dinari was on top of his game and took the time to explain every nuance of the case and the players involved to me. He has been working in this area for over 20 years and enjoys the respect of the very people we had to appeal to in our case. I had a very difficult case and needed the very best Fullerton DUI defense lawyer I could find. Mr. Dinari was very realistic about the possible outcomes with me. Thanks to his persistence and hard work, he achieved a fantastic result for me that was as good as I could have asked for, and I am very happy and relieved with the entire experience.
On a personal level, Ray Dinari was always gracious with his time and I could tell was a very genuine, caring person.
Thanks you Mr. Dinari for the achieved result I wanted.

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