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Attorney Ray Dinari is a skilled domestic violence defense attorney and will help protect your rights. Those who are accused of domestic violence are often portrayed in a very unsympathetic light by a prosecutor, which means that you will want an aggressive Lawyer in your corner to dispute the case against you.
Many police officers feel that domestic violence situations are very dangerous both for the officers themselves and for at least one of the parties involved. Typically, when officers are called to a home after a report of domestic violence, they will arrest one individual in the home, based mostly on an accusation and with little investigation. Domestic violence can include:threats, physical restraint, stalking, Spousal abuse, Child abuse, Elder abuse, Sexual abuse, Spousal rape, Assault & battery, Verbal threats, Verbal assault, Harassment, Neglect, Physical abuse, and Emotional abuse.

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I was falsely accused of Battery on a female and a (technically true) Retraining Order Violation and subsequent Probation Violation by my ex-wife. I had initially retained another lawyer, and quickly realized that she wasn’t going to be able to help someone suffering from the degree of manipulation I was dealing with. In a previous episode with the same woman, I lost custody of three children for having admittedly poured about 2 or 3 ounces of beer on her hair. In that instance I was arrested for Domestic Violence and made the horrendous mistake of talking to the police ( I had NO idea it was illegal) and pleading guilty. The loss of custody emotionally and financially devastated me and I was in the process of losing my house, job and security clearance (along with my dignity and self respect for a period of time) as a direct result.
My now Ex-wife wanted to reconcile and I eventually gave that a chance. When I saw it going wrong (She wants a child of her own, and mine are not welcome in “her” house) I asked her to go back to her apartment and life, so she lied (AGAIN) and had me arrested falsely claiming I kicked and hit her. When I met Ray Dinari I was in court firing my previous attorney and asking for a PD. The judge essentially insisted that I speak to his Panel Attorney Ray, and that was the best thing that’s happened to me since my nightmare began. In a matter of days, the Battery charge was dropped before I even got to court, Ray had followed up very thoroughly with the investigator and prosecutor, and the probation violation and restraining order violation penalties had been reduced from 20 days of Cal Trans and two convictions to one minor infraction and my original probation will soon be dropped and original conviction expunged! I have now regained my dignity and self-respect, a fighting chance to regain my security clearance, keep my job and home, and regain custody of my children! My life may not be completely restored, but I’m far better off than I could ever have imagined. After many bad experiences in custody court I had become very, very bitterly discouraged with many aspects of our legal system, Ray’s integrity, honesty and effectiveness has restored a tremendous amount of faith in our legal system for me.


Many individuals are wrongfully accused of domestic violence when relationships break up, in cases of divorce, in child custody battles, and other highly-charged emotional encounters. If you are convicted of a domestic violence charge, you may be facing misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the facts of the case. Penalties may include jail time, stiff fines, court-mandated anger management classes or counseling, and probation. Fullerton domestic violence attorney Ray Dinari gets results for his clients in difficult situations. Contact the Fullerton domestic violence lawyer at Dinari Law if you have been accused of a domestic violence crime today.
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