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Our local Fullerton Criminal Defense Lawyer will aggressively defend you from the investigatory phase, through arraignment, negotiation of plea, trial and appeal if necessary. We are experienced in handling complicated criminal matters.  Ray Dinari is a founder of Dinari Law.  Attorney Ray Dinari has extensive litigation experience defending clients accused of felonies, misdemeanors and DWI/ DUI crimes.

Local Fullerton Criminal Defense Lawyer

I was arrested for the first time ever and needed a Fullerton Criminal Defense Lawyer. I was charged for assault after I called the police for help. My roommate assaulted my son and me over a dispute over food. Because he had mere scratches, the Police decided to arrest me.

I knew I needed a Fullerton Criminal Defense Lawyer after 24 hrs in jail

I was served an order that prevented me to access my own home. Although it is a misdemeanor, my future meant a lot. Being limited with a criminal record, I would have to stop dreaming big. I found Fullerton Criminal Defense Lawyer Ray Dinari online. At 10 to 11 am I decided to call around. The Law office of Ray Dinari answered my phone. Ray set me at ease right after looking me up and hearing my side of the story. Mr. Dinari invited me to a meeting the next day, he was very pleasant and understanding.

For the first time since the arrest, I felt like someone was actually listening to me, understood me and was ready to help me. The court date was on December, yet within a week after hiring him, Ray had me an a deal. On Ray’s advise I declined it and we found better options. And he did, by Feburary I was offered a legitimate deal with immediate sealing.

The Law office of Ray Dinari confirmed that I was free to go to my home, and that there was no restraining order. That meant my future’s goals are not down the drain. I went back to my house the same day, and Mr. Dinari made sure to check-in later and confirm that I was fine.

I would definitely recommend Fullerton Criminal Defense Lawyer to anyone.  If I ever need an attorney again, he will definitely be my first call.  Don’t think about it twice, just call him. (714) 878-0448

Fullerton Criminal Defense Lawyer