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Dinari Law is the Fullerton Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Ray Dinari is a fierce Fullerton criminal defense attorney for men, women, and youth who have been charged with alleged misdemeanor or felony offenses. Dinari Law is a law firm that concentrates strictly on criminal defense cases. This includes both misdemeanor and felony offenses for a variety of criminal charges, from, DUI, theft, gun possession, narcotics crimes, domestic violence, assault and battery, murder, and sexual crimes, traffic violations and more. If you have been arrested, are the target of an investigation in Fullerton and the greater Orange County area call Ray Dinari.

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When you hire the Law Office of Ray Dinari in your criminal case you will already know what you are paying for and exactly how we plan to win your case. One of our attorneys will personally sit down with you and clearly explain your situation, what you can expect, and what your best course of defense is. Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation with Fullerton Criminal Defense Attorney Ray Dinari. We can begin working together to achieve the best solution to your legal problems.
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Recently I was charged with domestic violence and the allegations were that I abused my wife. Truth is, my wife was abusive to me. I hired Fullerton criminal defense attorney Ray Dinari and we had a trial. During the trial, Mr. Dinari was able to show the jury that it was my wife that was abusive and was trying to manipulate the process of our divorce. The jury found me not guilty and after the trial one of the jurors approached me and told me how impressed the jury was with the way Ray Dinari presented the defense. Before the trial, my ex-wife tried to convince me to take a guilty plea. So going to trial was really the first time I was able to stand up to him and not let her manipulate my life anymore. If someone is making false allegations against you, you really should call Fullerton criminal defense attorney Ray Dinari.