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Fullerton Court Defense Attorney

Fullerton Court Defense Attorney

If you are fighting a court case in North Justice Center – Orange County Superior Court then you need a local Fullerton Court Defense Attorney to be at your side. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can deal most effectively and quickly with the prosecutor. This is particularly important during the fact-finding part of the litigation when parties are required to exchange facts and documents. A local Fullerton court defense attorney will have knowledge of the local court that will always give him the advantage.

A local Fullerton court defense attorney may be critical to your case

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you should consider hiring a local attorney as soon as possible after the incident. It’s important to speak to a lawyer familiar with the Orange County Superior Court laws in your jurisdiction. I you are in going to North Justice Center in Fullerton call the Law office of Ray Dinari to discuss your best defense strategy. (714) 878-0448

Ray Dinari really came through when I was in a bind. I did not know my license was suspended and I was pulled over for speeding. Unfortunately because of the suspension my car was towed away and I was calling Uber to get home. It turns out I owed money to LA Court for a traffic ticket and they had suspended my license. I ended up paying the ticked quickly and got my license back in less than 10 days. However I was facing jail time because of a prior DUI. Because Ray is right next to Fullerton North Justice Center Court he was very familiar with the judges, prosecutor, and the entire local court system. The Law Office of Ray Dinari fought for me and instead of going to jail. I am doing a few Sunday’s in Cal Trans. I urge everyone to not go to court without and attorney. Even if you have to make a payment plan, you will save thousands in the end. Not to mention some of these judges throw jail sentences around like it does not affect your like. I highly recommend calling Ray Dinari.