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I was referred to Fullerton attorney Ray Dinari by another attorney out of the LA area. My close friend had gotten into trouble in Downtown Fullerton.  The charges were Multiple counts of felony burglary and Trespassing, not good. My friend decided to leave Orange County and skip out on the court dates. This was not good and made things even worse.

Recently this year my friend decided to back to Fullerton and party. Well you know what happens next. My friend got in trouble at one of the bar’s and got pickup on those warrants issue from missing those court dates. That being said this is were Ray Dinari came into play. Dinari Law did an out standing job. Was able to get all felony counts reduced to misdemeanor charges and all other charges dismissed. There was no Jail time either. This was great news considering the severity of the charges.

We are extremely grateful and pleased that Fullerton Attorney Ray Dinari was able negotiate such an awesome deal

The good new is my friend will be able to have piece of mind and a way onto a good life without having to worry about getting a job with Felony Burglary on there record.

Thanks to Ray and team,you guys and gals did a fantastic job.

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