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Criminal Defense DUI Lawyer

I cannot speak highly enough about DUI Lawyer Ray Dinari. Ray truly cares about his cases and will not give up. I hired The Law Office of Ray Dinari last year to help with convictions from multiple DUI charges. Dinari Law’s prices were reasonable and fair. Ray assured me not to give up and said he would help me. Three months ago we received the court’s decision and they granted my requests. I would have never had my rights restored without having a DUI Lawyer that truly cares and doesn’t take no for an answer. Ray was supportive, kind and made me feel like I mattered. Mr Dinari always got back to me in a very reasonable amount of time and was available for any questions. I would highly recommend DUI Lawyer Ray Dinari to anyone.

Criminal Defense DUI Lawyer

Being arrested for a DUI is a frightening experience and you will need a good competent DUI Lawyer. Most people do not know what to do, who to call, or what will happen next. Naturally you will worry about whether you will lose your freedom. You may also worry about what will happen to your family, if you will lose your job, and how you will pay for your defense. When you find yourself facing criminal charges then you need a DUI Lawyer who can both protect your rights and answer your questions call (714) 878-0448. DUI Lawyer Ray Dinari is a Fullerton criminal defense lawyer who aggressively defends his clients and takes their needs seriously. When you are arrested, do not attempt to handle the matter on your own. The faster you hire a professional DUI Lawyer to protect your interests, the better your chances of resolving the matter in your favor. Call 24/7 to discuss your best defense strategy (714) 878-0448

Fullerton DUI Lawyer providing a quality defense for DUI and felony offenses

When good people are arrested and charged with alleged crimes, they have little or no previous contact with the criminal justice system. Most of us feel unsure about which lawyer we should hire or what should be done next. The Law office of Ray Dinari is able to assist you in such situations. Fullerton DUI Lawyer Ray Dinari handles felony cases, misdemeanor offenses, and also helps people with drug-related charges. Mr Dinari believes that all of our clients are entitled to the highest level of respect. Ray makes every case a priority regardless of the charge. Ray’s intention is to provide you with the highest level of representation possible and to gain you the most favorable outcome permitted under the law.

Ray Dinari is a DUI Lawyer and a strong communicator

Criminal Defense Attorney’s normally lack good communication with clients. Mr Dinari strives to change this stereotype and places a high priority on building a trusting relationship with his clients. In addition to providing aggressive representation, he is an aggressive defense lawyer. Ray makes it personal and provides his cell phone number so that he can be reached in the event of an emergency. Dinari Law keeps clients updated as to the status of their case and meets with them regularly.