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It doesn’t matter where you live or where you were cited for DUI, The Law Office of Ray Dinari will be your best ally in your fight to protect your rights and your driving privileges.  Sometimes defending DUI cases is not easy, but with attorney Ray Dinari’s extensive training in Field Sobriety Tests and our law firm’s training in the operation and calibration of the breath testing machine as well as the process of testing blood for drugs and alcohol, we are able to defend as many DUIs as possible and get great results for our clients.

Criminal Defense Attorney Ray Dinari’s practice is dedicated to drunk driving, traffic and other related issues, you are assured of receiving the most professional representation with a distinct  focus in this complicated area of the law, including DUI cases involving blood alcohol content (BAC), illegal drugs, and prescription drugs, among other issues.

Attorney Ray Dinari has handled hundreds of Motion Hearings and trials, and has been successful at winning all variety of Motions, resulting in dismissal or reduction of hundreds of DUI cases. The Law Office of Ray Dinari is known by cops, prosecutors, and judges alike as being a skilled litigator, and Lawyer Ray Dinair’s success rate at defending DUI cases at trials is much higher than the average lawyer handling DUI cases. But not every case is gifted with good defenses, so we have also developed ways to avoid the most serious consequences of a DUI charge by negotiating favorable plea bargains.

Free Consultation – Contact Us Today If you have been charged with drunk driving, it is very important that you contact a DUI Lawyer as soon as possible to protect your driving privileges and your legal rights. Call today at (714) 878-0448 or send us an e-mail. For the best DUI Lawyer in Fullerton call today!

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Mr. Ray Dinari is very caring and professional. He has patience and great commitment to follow up (even on the weekends!). I was always able to get in contact with him. Mr. Dinari is knowledgeable, respectful and helpful. He is clear and honest telling it like how it is. I would definitely recommend him.
Katherine M