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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brea

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brea

Dinari Law Firm is the experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brea. Dinari Law ranks among the nation’s leaders in cases of domestic abuse, with approximately 20,000 cases of domestic violence reported each year. Domestic violence, or assault and battery against family members, dating partners, or members of the same household is a serious problem for the state, and because of this, the domestic assault is prosecuted aggressively. As a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brea, attorney Ray Dinari is experienced and compassionate Brea attorney who is intimately familiar with the legal aspects and implications of domestic and family law issues.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brea Ray Dinari

It is no longer matters whether or not the victim of violence wishes to press charges against his or her abuser; a district attorney can file charges and prosecute anyone suspected of domestic assault. While innocent victims should certainly be protected from violence and abuse, cases of domestic violence are often muddied by high emotion and conflicting stories. Each family is different and the solutions to problems have to be what the best fit is for you. Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brea Ray Dinari will consult you and provide information about the various ways you can use to overcome your issues. If you need legal representation for Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brea or other family-related legal issue and for a free, confidential evaluation of your case, contact us today. (714) 878-0448

I was implicated in a serious case and needed help. Thankfully, I was introduced to Dinari Law and his team and they were able to walk my family step by step through the whole ordeal and make it possible to reach a conclusion making it possible for me to go back my life.