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Domestic Violence Attorney in Yorba Linda

If you have been accused of domestic violence, speak with a Domestic Violence Attorney in Yorba Linda Ray Dinari without delay. Attorney Ray Dinari concentrates on domestic violence law issues and provides assistance to clientele, as well as domestic violence programs and other organizations statewide. Domestic Violence is referred to as spousal abuse, wife abuse, husband abuse, child abuse or elder abuse, and is when a person willfully inflicts bodily injury that results in a traumatic condition, upon another person with whom they are cohabitation. Domestic Violence Attorney in Yorba Linda Ray Dinari applies the full range of his experience to help survivors and victims of domestic violence obtain the protection they need in crisis situations and on an ongoing basis. Dinari Law also engages in policy analysis and advocacy, and his advocacy has directly resulted in law, regulation, and policy changes on local, state, and national levels.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Yorba Linda who handles False Accusations

In cases of false abuse accusations, Dinari Law encourages our clients to retaliate with a mutual domestic violence injunction, as well as a claim for deformation of character. Domestic Violence Attorney in Yorba Linda Ray Dinari has successfully litigated several impact litigation cases on behalf of victims of false accusation.

Domestic Violence Orders

When the police arrive at a domestic violence call, it is no longer up to the parties whether there will be an arrest. Often issued as a result of domestic violence, an order of protection is a court order that establishes certain obligations with respect to the conduct of an individual toward another person or group. For many families with a history of violence or abuse, counseling or therapy support will serve as an important resource for breaking the cycle of domestic abuse. Domestic Violence Attorney in Yorba Linda Ray Dinari will find the right solution to your domestic violence problem.

Dinari Law Practice Area: Domestic Violence

When facing domestic abuse charges, it is essential that you retain immediate legal assistance to clear your name in court. Call (714) 878-0448 for help with Domestic Violence Attorney in Yorba Linda.