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Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer Ray Dinari

Dinari Law is a Criminal Defense law firm that defends clients against misdemeanor, felony, DUI and juvenile charges throughout Orange County. Whether you are a local resident or a visiting, our Fullerton Defense Team can help.

I came to criminal defense lawyer Ray Dinari to handle a serious case.

Despite the late hour that I called, Criminal Defense lawyer Ray Dinari answered the phone himself. I had talked to other lawyers in Orange and LA county and left messages with even more. While the other lawyers spent the whole of our conversation telling me how much trouble I was in ,Mr. Dinari instantly started asking for the pertinent information pertaining to her case.

I knew right away that I had found the criminal defense I needed.

Ray’s professionalism is beyond measure. He took an aggressive, pro-active approach to the case.  Dinari Law took a 16 yr. sentence and got it reduced to suspended sentence with probation. There is no way that I could thank Ray or his team enough for the results of my case.  I appreciate the understanding and kindness with which they handled it. My opinion is, if you need a lawyer you shouldn’t even think about calling anyone else!

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