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Court Defense Services

At Dinari Law, Fullerton based lawyer proudly use our knowledge and trial experience to provide court defense services & empower citizens in order to level the playing field. We constantly train on innovative legal strategies. We provide insight and information for the client to make the best strategic criminal defense to deal the best court defense services in orange county.


For many, using court defense services for fighting back is the best hope to stay our of jail or prison. By fighting back and creating problems with the prosecution, criminal defense attorney Ray Dinari will help you create the best chance for meaningful outcome or charge reductions. For others hoping to simply get away from the penalties of an unfair traffic stop that resulted in a DUI using court defense services is priceless.

Affordable Court Defense Services

Affordable Court Defense Services was established over 20 years ago.  Primarily in North and Central Orange County Judicial Jurisdiction. Dinari Law Court Defense Services offers comprehensive aggressive representation to anyone who has been accused of any crime as well as anyone who has been a victim of or a witness to a crime. The sooner you call, allows your Fullerton criminal defense attorney to intervene in the police investigation. Acting immediately allows us to influence the filing decision of any formal criminal charges, locate favorable witnesses or other evidence. With fast action attorney Ray Dinari can develop an early defense strategy and prevent you from doing or saying something that could later hurt your case. Criminal defense attorney Ray Dinari handle all types of criminal cases in Orange County and Los Angeles County.


Best Affordable Court Defense Services

Although my case was completely made up, I knew I would not have a chance without representation. I was charged twice in less than 8 hours in downtown Fullerton for the same offense. Now my first charge did not go too well as I had hired another firm to represent me. I am innocent of both charges yet somehow my first attorney was able to talk me into a plea. Mind you, I paid 4 times the amount for this initial attorney and all she was interested in was a plea. She explained to me how this corrupt system works and should I take my case to trial, I would be found guilty. Just by my appearance alone. So I took a plea.

Court Defense Services for representation for a much lesser rate

Now on my second charge I hired Ray Dinari’s Court Defense Services for representation for a much lesser rate.  I walked into the courtroom only to have my name called within minutes, and was handed paperwork for the dismal. This is what I expected from my first attorney. Needless to say I am grateful for the representation I received from Dinari Law. As for my initial attorney, I explained what happened, she chalked it up to being charged twice so they just cut me a break. Well after a long conversation about the evidence I had brought to court with me for the fist case, you know the one I wouldn’t be able to be found innocent of.

Well It turns out that she didn’t know about the evidence and is now seeking to have the judgment reversed. My 8 hour lay over in Orange County turned into 6 hours in jail and 12 hours in the hospital. missing my bus, having to pay for another fare, 2 round trips back to Orange County, attorney fees, and a legal fees or risk another charge. All because of law enforcement charged me twice with public intoxication because I simply exercised my 5th amendment rights.

Court Defense Services

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