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About six months ago I needed the Best DUI Attorney. My wife and I were scared and at a loss at what we could do to drag ourselves out of the mess that we were in. We argued and debated, and I spent several sleepless nights thinking that I was going to lose everything and there was no way to avoid jail. By some GREAT fortune I found the best DUI attorney in orange county Ray Dinari.

We started to discuss the legal strategy Ray would use. From the very first time I talked with Mr Dinari, I felt a giant weight lift off my shoulders. Ray was understanding and discerning. Mr Dinari reassured me that everything was going to be OK. Ever time I had a question or a concern, I never had trouble getting in contact with Dinari Law. He was reassuring and patient with all of my questions. What makes the best DUI Attorney is he was knowledgeable and treated me like I was a person and not a criminal. Ray Dinari is the best DUI attorney you will find if you have a multiple DUI case. He is fair, kind, knows the law and treats you with the kind of respect that makes you not remember the position you are in. He gives you the strength to start over and succeed.

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California has several different levels of DUI for which a person can be convicted. It is illegal for adults to drive with a blood alcohol content in excess of .08 or while under the influence of any controlled substance which can alter one’s judgement while driving. A zero tolerance alcohol policy exists for minors under the age of 21 and they will face charges if any trace of alcohol is found in their bloodstream. Also, if driving a commercial vehicle at the time of arrest and the blood alcohol content limit is .04 or less. Alcohol content of above .15 can result in even more extreme charges and penalties.

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Dinair Law will use your first appointment to determine what charges you are facing and to gain an understanding of the underlying facts of the case. When retained our best DUI attorney will obtain the police reports, witness statements, and any other evidence which can be used to get the best results. The Law office of Ray Dinari will take the necessary steps to conduct a thorough investigation to make sure all possible facts are examined. If we see the facts of the case warrant it then we will file pre-trial Motions to limit the extent to which the prosecution can present evidence to hurt you. We take this direction whether you have been charged in State Court, Municipal Court, or if you are facing Federal criminal charges.

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In addition to to Orange County, we service Los Angeles County areas such as Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Alhambra, San Marino, Walnut, as well as Riverside County residents in Corona and Riverside. Call 24/7 to discuss your best defense strategy (714) 878-0448