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How to Beat A DUI in Fullerton, Ca

Being arrested and charged with a DUI  in Fullerton, Ca is a serious matter and how to beat a DUI in Fullerton, Ca is vital. If you are not successful in taking the proper action in time that could provide possible ways of what to do and fight to beat a DUI, it may carry severe financial, criminal, and driving penalties. It can also affect your ability to retain your job and professional status, and even prevent travel outside of the country due to your DUI charge being a matter of public record.

When and how to beat a DUI in Fullerton

When in the police station or hospital, the officers are required to follow a strict procedure, and any failure to follow this procedure can often lead to an dismissal of a DUI in California. Immediately after getting a DUI arrest charge in California, many people often believe the police have a solid case for proving a DUI. However after the details of your own arrest can be professionally examined, an experienced DUI attorney can find possible ways or mistakes made by the officers on the report or arrest procedure itself that can be used to your advantage to potentially win and beat a DUI In Fullerton case altogether.

As recent news reports have shown about California DUI arrests are on the rise, the penalties, costs, and consequences for even a first DUI offense in California have also become increasingly severe.


  • do not speak to the arresting agency (police department) or the Orange County District Attorney’s Office during or after an arrest.
  • Keep notes or a memo of what was said between the arrestee and the arresting agency.
  • Do not discuss the case or circumstances of the arrest with other parties involved and not involved. (Passengers, victim, friends, and family.)

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