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The Law Office of Ray Dinari fights DUI’s!  We take cases to win.


There are no criminal defense lawyers in the State of California that have the unique set of specialized training possessed by The Law Office of Ray Dinari in Fullerton Ca. A California DUI case is very different from any other type of alleged crime. It involves complicated and ever-changing California DUI laws, scientific breath/blood testing, and standardized field sobriety testing. Certain skills are crucial for your attorney to be able to properly defend your California DUI or felony criminal case.


The Law Office of Ray Dinari fights DUI’s! We carefully screen cases to identify which ones need to go to trial. If our attorneys don’t see any issues that give you a chance to win, then they will inform you before taking your case. We take cases to win. If you or a loved one has been arrested for drunk driving in Fullerton or Orange County California, you probably know the penalties can be harsh. Fullerton based Lawyer Ray Dinari is devoted to giving the best defense to those arrested for DUI, DUI Drugs, and Negligent Homicide. Ray Dinari succeeds by recognizing our clients are people, not profits or problems; by advanced training and experience specific to DUI defense; and by keeping our clients informed about their cases.


The largest costs are future employability and higher insurance rates. Many jobs will not keep or hire someone with a DUI. The punishment from California courts (for a first offense) includes 24 hrs-1 year in jail, a fine ranging from $500-2000, alcohol education, 6 month DL suspension, MADD class, having an interlock on your car, and a reinstatement fee.. It is best to call today and discuss what your case means to you.


I would like to put this review on Yelp so that everyone who is seeking a top notch criminal defense attorney in Orange County will know what my experience was like with Mr Dinari. I would like to point out that I have hired what was said to be the top attorneys in Orange County and spent much unneeded money when in fact I did exactly that spent money I did not need to.

My original charges consisted of three felony counts and two misdemeanors. Facing a year in prison I was definitely scared. While I was in custody my mom who was attending my court appearances and seeing what the public defenders were doing for me knew I was in deep trouble. After three court appearances and getting nothing accomplished except offering my year in prison my mom decided to help me. I left it up to her since I was in custody to find me a good attorney. She called and interviewed many attorneys over the phone. Mr Dinari was our final decision based on the fact he answered the phone talk to my mom told him what he could do had her come into his office gave her all the time she needed before even taking a dime from us.

The first day Mr Dinari showed up early to my court appearance so he could discuss my case with me in detail and let me know what he thought he could do. Within 30 minutes Mr Dinari had all three felony dropped two misdemeanors. He also showed up the following day for my probation hearing in probation court in Santa Ana and bargained a 60 day violation which meant only 30 days in custody he also got my bail reduced from 100000 to 15000. I posted bail and bought the rest of my case after serving my 30 days out of custody. We took the case all the way to trial Mr Dinari hired a private investigator to interview the defendant in my case to build up our trial so that we had the upper hand the whole way. Needless to say after about three or four more court dates the district attorney back down and dropped all five counts. My entire case was dismissed all five counts dismissed right before trial.

In the past I have hired who everybody said was the top attorneys in Orange County. Mr Dinari went above and beyond any attorney I have ever used in the past I owe him my life I did not have to spend one more day in jail and had all five counts dismissed. He did not stop fighting for me until he got my case dismissed.

If you are considering hiring a criminal defense attorney ladies and gentlemen please listen to me this guy is bar none the best I have seen out there nobody compares to what he is capable of doing and what he will do for you do not hesitate to hire Mr Dinari to defend you you will not be sorry and your outcome will be the best any attorney will be able to get you I guarantee it.

Thank you Mr Ray Dinari you saved my life I think God everyday that my mom found you.

Your client Brian Humphreys